The 9 Best Proven Mind and Body Secrets to Living Longer

Living a long and happy life is something that many people strive for. Every day can bring unexpected happiness on the path of life, as well as detours and blockages. You can’t predict the future – let alone how you’ll age – but you can practice self-care to the best of your ability. There are many habits […]

These 5 childhood wounds determine how you will educate your children

Perhaps, when you look at the past, you feel nostalgic for your childhood, for the incredible happiness you felt during those years and the good times you experienced. But it may also be that your childhood was not exactly a bed of roses, and you do not like to remember it, since they are childhood wounds. […]

He puts a clothespin on his ear for a BRIGHT reason. Have you tried it?

I’m not the kind of person who goes to the doctor every time I feel a little pain or discomfort. After all, pain is a part of life. Instead, I prefer to think of myself as having a little more control over my own body. So when I saw this unique method of providing mild pain relief using my […]

Harvard psychologists reveal that parents who raise “good” kids do these 5 things…

In this age of technology, we find that raising children is somewhat different from the days before the iPhone, computers and tablets, the Internet, and all the other amazing gadgets we consume . Kids used to play outside, kick a ball across a field, or play cards instead of chasing Pokemon on a screen. The children played outside until the […]

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