February 29, 2024

6 signs you weren’t loved enough

There are six crucial signs that someone wasn’t loved enough as a child that every person should pay attention to.

These six signs are indicators that a person was unloved as a child. While many of us were blessed with a loving environment during our younger years, many others have not been so fortunate. These six indicators are crucial in noticing whether or not a person was loved enough as a child.

1. Issues related to attachments

People who did not have a loving childhood often end up with serious attachment problems. LiveStrong writes that children who are not “securely attached” often fail to develop the skills needed to build healthy relationships.

2. Lack of security

If you were unloved as a child, you probably have a severe security problem as an adult. People who didn’t get enough love as children are rarely self-confident. Psychology Today says that these types of people don’t know they’re lovable or worthy of attention because of the lack of attention and love they received as children.

3. Indiscriminate and dependent relationships

Those who have not been loved as children often form unhealthy relationships as adults. This can show up as “indiscriminate bonding” with adults later in life. People who weren’t loved as children will have an unhealthy attachment to anyone who shows them the least amount of attention according to LiveStrong .


4. Inability to set any limits

Someone who has had a lack of love in childhood does not always know where to draw the lines. According to Psychology Today , these people end up being people-pleasers. They will do whatever they can to keep a relationship in touch and that means boundaries are non-existent for people who didn’t get enough love.

5. Lack of confidence

Although people who lacked love during childhood often become clingy, one thing they can’t do is trust people. LiveStrong writes about the impact of lack of love during childhood on a person’s mental health and says that they often lack confidence. According to Psychology Today these people will always have “trust issues” and will have a hard time learning to trust you.

6. Lack of general development

According to LiveStrong , people who were devoid of love during childhood face a score of developmental problems. Physically, emotionally and mentally – people who were devoid of love during childhood will be a bit stunted. Many of the ways they are inhibited have already been mentioned above. The physical growth of a person who did not have love during childhood can even be affected.Source: 

David Wolfe