5 Lazy Exercises You Can Use to Contour Your Body

Exercise 1

This exercise is aimed at flexing and extending your spine and improving your posture.

  • Start on the mat, on your hands and knees, with your hands right under your shoulders and knees right under your hips.
  • Move your pelvis forward and tuck in your tailbone, creating an arch in your spine.
  • Move your pelvis down, causing your tailbone to stick up. This movement will help tone your abdominal area.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 several times.

Exercise 2

This exercise will help you tone the upper part of your body, and it’s called a “press up combo.”

  • Like in the previous exercise, start on the mat, on your hands and knees, with your hands placed right under your shoulders and your knees placed under your hips.
  • Slightly lower down the upper part of your body and stretch your right arm to the left under your chest.
  • Lift up your upper body into the initial position, then lower it down again while stretching your right arm to the right.
  • Switch arms and repeat the exercise several times on each side.

Exercise 3

Here’s a nice leg extension combo:

  • Start on the mat on your hands and knees.
  • Lift your right leg so that it’s parallel with the rest of your body.
  • Bend your right leg at the knee as shown in the picture above and then relax your leg and put it back down.
  • Repeat the exercises several times for each leg.

Exercise 4

This plank leg sweep is aimed at strengthening your arms and legs.

  • Start on the mat on your hands and toes.
  • Bend your left leg at the knee and move it to the right, under your body.
  • Sweep the bent leg to the left.
  • Repeat the exercise several times for both legs.

Exercise 5

Try this reverse plank to tone your whole body.

  • Start on the mat in the reverse plank position with your core tightened, as shown in the picture above.
  • Step out with your left leg and then step back in.
  • Repeat this exercise several times for each leg.

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