February 29, 2024

10-minute fat burners for your legs that are available to everyone

This workout is ideal for burning fat. Exercises will take a maximum of 10 minutes, so this training is ideal for people who are very busy. You must do this workout 2 times a week. Also do not forget that the healthy food is also the success of a beautiful body.

1. Knee Tuck

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– Start seated on the ground or on a weight bench. Place your hands about an inch behind your back with your fingers facing forward. Your feet should be on the ground.

– Lift both feet up off of the ground and extend both legs as you simultaneously lower your upper body.


– Be sure to get full extension at your hips and legs.

– With control, bring your legs back to your chest without touching the ground with your feet and return to the starting position.

– This counts as one rep.

– Complete 15 reps.

2. Wide-Stance Deadlift

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– There are many different ways of doing the deadlift for multiple muscle groups.

– Today I am demonstrating how to properly do a sumo deadlift.

– Get into a wide stance position with the bar already loaded on the ground, bend at your hips into your low squat position.

– Get a good grip and when you’re ready to rise up, look up and just pull.

– 5 sets of 15 reps or until failure!

3. Plie-Curl Combo

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– his move targets biceps, abs, hips, butt, and legs.

– Stand with feet more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out 45 degrees, a dumbbell in each hand, arms by sides, palms in.

– Squat, keeping knees behind toes. Maintain squat and do 2 hammer curls: Palms in, elbows by sides, bring weights to shoulders, then lower.

– Stand up to return to start position. Turn palms to face forward and do 2 biceps curls. Repeat series 5 times.
4. Rocket Squat

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5. Single-Leg Row

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– Stand up straight and hold two dumbbells with your palms facing each other.
Lift your left foot up a bit and balance on your right leg.

– Keeping your back neutral, lean your entire torso forward while raising your left leg, which should stay in line with your body.

– Holding this position, perform a row by bending your elbows back so that the dumbbells meet the sides of your chest while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

– Lower weights back toward the floor.

– With your back straight, return upright, coming to your starting position, to complete one rep.