How to Plant Kiwi in a Pot – Step by Step (easier than you think)

Whenever we hear the word kiwi, an image of exotic fruits, which were mostly store-bought, comes to mind.

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Will it be possible to grow them in colder regions being native to South Asia ? Well, yes you can, as hardy kiwis, also known as baby kiwis, can easily grow in much cooler areas.

Little kiwis are smaller than the kiwis that are generally available in stores.

The best way to enjoy fresh kiwis is to grow them yourself. Here you will find all the information about growing kiwi in a pot.

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1. How to plant kiwi

It takes 3 to 5 years for a kiwi plant to bear fruit. You can multiply this plant from seeds or cuttings. Get seeds at the nearest garden shop or at any online store. Planting from cuttings is preferable, as better varieties can be planted this way.

Purchase a potted plant from a garden shop, as this will save you the time it takes for the plant to grow from seed or cuttings.

2. Choose a container

You can start planting in an 18- to 20-inch container with drainage holes. If after a few years it has grown out of the container you can transfer it to a larger container.

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