February 29, 2024

12 Foods & Plants That Cleanse Your Lungs And Heal Respiratory Infections

Cleansing your lungs lets you detox them of infection, lower the risk of cancer, expand lung capacity and improve the health of the respiratory tract.

This is primarily suggested to smokers and people living in places with polluted air. Here are the best foods and plants that can cleanse your lungs and heal respiratory infections.


Inhalations Using Essential Oils

You should do inhalations with essential oils of rosemary or eucalyptus twice or three times a week, which would help you cleanse your lungs from contamination.


You don’t have to buy a special device for the inhalation. All you have to do is heat some water in a big pot, put a few drops of essential oil and place a towel over your head while you inhale.

This is refreshing and delightful, and it will also help you if you’re dealing with some sort of breathing problems. In addition, it can be helpful when dealing with the flu, cold or some other respiratory problems.

The Best Foods To Cleanse Your Lungs

As all the other ways of detoxification, lung cleansing also includes changes in your diet.

We all know that a healthy diet is crucial because it encourages the natural cleansing body mechanisms and boosts your immune system. We suggest you to consume water, fruits and vegetables.

The following things contribute to the health of the lungs:


It clears the mucus in the lungs by being spicy. That’s why your nose starts running when you eat spicy food. It affects the mucus and tar the same way, making your body quickly remove them.


The best cleansing mechanism is water. Try to dodge coffee, soda or alcohol and drink clean water. A key to an excellent health is a good hydration because it accelerates the procedure of detoxification.


They are rich with many nutrients. Onions put an end to many diseases, like cancer or some lung infections, and they also help in breaking down mucus and removing toxins.