Top 5 Exercises You Can Do at Home to Tone Legs and Thighs

You don’t have to go to the gym to tone your legs and thighs. Just do these exercises every morning at home, and if you want to get a better workout, you can put small weights on your ankles or use fitness elastics.

With these 5 simple exercises you can do at home, your legs and thighs will look amazing.

1. Jogging in place

First, bring your knees to your waist. It should feel easy and strong to jog. Squeeze your stomach as you raise your knees. Alter between the two sides. Do this exercise for 45 seconds, then do it twice more.


2. Double high knee jumps

With the bar open at the same height as your shoulders and standing still, jump in place and bounce once on the same leg before switching. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then repeat the set 2 more times.


3. Explosive Squats

Do a regular squat, but before you stand back up, jump. Do this exercise 30 times, and then repeat the series twice more (in total you should do 90 squats of this type).


4. Jumping jacks

Stand still and bring your legs close together as you jump. You should also move your arms up and down. Do this exercise 60 times, and then do it 2 more times (in total you should do 180 jumps).


5. Scissors

While on your back, lift both of your legs up toward the ceiling. Lower one leg, then lower the other leg before coming back up. The work should be felt in the lower abdomen, not in the back. Do 30 reps, and then do the series again two more times (in total you should do 90 times this exercise).


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