February 29, 2024

This is Why You Should Brush Your Teeth with These Two Powerful Ingredients!

The magical bright smile and those incredibly whitening toothpastes on the commercials, as well as the expensive and unnatural whitening procedures celebrities use just seems too good to be true.

But now, we are presenting you the most simple and amazing way to get the wanted result, and what is even more awesome- it is absolutely healthy!

As simply as it can be, all you need is a little bit of sea salt or some baking soda, separately or together, and you will get the natural and protected way of teeth cleaning.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil


Oil pulling is an old healing treatment in which natural substances are used in the process of cleaning and detoxifying teeth and gums. It has whitening effect, too, and there is evidence that it improves the condition of gums and eliminates dangerous bacteria.

Here is how to do oil pulling using coconut oil:

1. Initially, you should put one or two teaspoons of oil into your mouth. It is recommended 2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil. You can scoop it out as a solid and leave it melt when in the mouth, before swishing.

2. The next procedure is done 20 minutes, the swishing part. According to Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Oil Pulling Therapy, timing is the key. So, this is done long enough to break through plaque and bacteria, but not long enough to enable the body to start re-absorbing the toxins and bacteria. As you swish, the oil gets thickened and milky, since it is mixed with saliva and it should be creamy-white when you spit out.

3. Do not swallow the oil as it is hopefully full of bacteria and toxins which you tried and eliminated from the mouth! But, in any case, spit out into the trash can, do not spit into the sink.

4. Warm water seems to clean the mouth better, so use it to rinse your mouth well. Swish a several times with warm water to get any remaining oil out of your

5. At the end, be sure to brush well.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is well- known as a natural way of teeth whitening. The cleaning with baking soda makes the teeth whitening quite smooth, and it is not very abrasive.

Another advantage of the procedure are the benefits that baking soda offers: the sodium bicarbonate is very alkaline and kills the bacteria and the germs that are mostly responsible for the bad breath.


One alternative is to mix baking soda with salt- this is a popular homemade toothpaste because it is very effective, and works in a short period of time. Another way is to put some baking soda on the toothbrush and clean the teeth.

Extra tip:
Sea salt

After reading about all the advantages of the sea salt treatment, you will include it in your everyday routines.

This treatment is very beneficial for the gums, and is also very effective for eliminating bad breath. This comes as a result of the most important minerals and elements that sea salt possesses, as magnesium, nickel, sodium, iron and most importantly for the teeth care, calcium.

Sea salt, famous for its antibacterial effects, is helping in the process of neutralization of acids present in the mouth. The saliva that is created forms antibacterial boundaries that are protecting the enamel.


Take a wet toothbrush and dip it in a half teaspoon of sea salt. Then brush your teeth as you use to. You can even do this procedure by using a mixture of half teaspoon of sea salt, diluted in warm water.

Rinse your mouth with this solution for 30sec. and spit it out. This will also help you get rid of many bacteria in your mouth.

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