October 25, 2021


According to scientists, the fruit with the best health benefits in the world is dates. They have the power to alleviate and prevent numerous health problems like cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

When added to one’s diet, dates will improve the body’s metabolism due to the richness in nutrients. Below, there is a list of the 8 health properties of dates. Let’s take a look:

They have an abundance of iron

If you suffer from anemia or if you’re pregnant, dates are an excellent food for you. The needed daily amount is 100 grams which contains around 0.9 mg of iron or 11% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Iron is also beneficial for the hemoglobin and the red blood cells and it also encourages the oxygen flow through the blood.

They prevent diarrhea

Dates are rich in potassium, an essential mineral which prevents diarrhea by alleviating the gut flora and the intestines and thus, it stimulates the creation of good bacteria.

They soothe constipation

If you suffer from constipation, you can stop it by leaving few dates in a glass of water overnight and then drinking the liquid in the morning. This will better your digestion and the laxative properties will alleviate the constipation.

They control body weight

Eating dates on an empty stomach is a great way to prevent surplus fat. However, don’t exaggerate with their consumption as they’re rich in sugar.

They regulate the cholesterol levels

Dates balance the cholesterol levels by cleansing the blood vessels and preventing blood clots.

They strengthen the heart

They strengthen the heart

To make your heart stronger, soak few dates in water overnight and in the morning, remove the dates from the water and take out the seeds. Next, blend the seeds in a blender and consume them on their own or add them to smoothies or other foods.

They regulate blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you should definitely add dates to your diet as they’re rich in potassium and free of sodium. 5 to 6 dates have 80 mg of magnesium, an important mineral, which spreads through the blood vessels and betters the blood flow. 370 mg of magnesium are needed for reduction of the blood pressure.

They prevent strokes

The potassium in dates improves the health of the nervous system and thus lowers the risk of strokes. 400 mg of potassium daily is the amount needed to prevent strokes.WW