Plant Once, Harvest Forever: 15 Perennial Veggies for Endless Abundance

* Start with these 15 perennial veggies to sow the seeds of sustainability and abundance for years to come!
* From the first crisp bite of asparagus to the tangy sweetness of rhubarb, these perennial gems promise a bounty that keeps on giving, season after season!
say goodbye to the one-and-done mentality and join me in cultivating a perennial paradise! Here’s a list of my favorites:
1 Asparagus
2) Rhubarb
3 Artichokes
4 Horseradish
5 Chives
6 Sorrel
7 Jerusalem artichokes
8 Kale
9 Ramps
10 Lovage
1 Egyptian Walking Onions
1(2 Sea Kale
13 Chinese Watercress
14 Globe Artichokes
15 Good King Henry
Let’s nurture our gardens for a lifetime of delicious, sustainable harvests!
Be kind and grow your own food.
Peace and love,
The Garden Guinea

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