Although the term lower abdominal muscles are in some way wrong to be used since the abdominal muscles cover the whole stomach, however, if that particular part of the stomach suffers, there are exercises that affect the abdominal muscles in that region. Learn how to burn fat with every next recurrence.

Everyone wants to look nice and have finely defined abdominal muscles. For this purpose, exercises are needed, as well as attention to the diet. Today we present you the best exercises that help lose lower belly fat and strengthen your abs, for workouts at home. You can do it if you are more into workout plans and don’t want to just walk every day.

You need to do 3 sets of each exercise at 15 reps. and if you’re not a beginner, go for 4-5 sets of each exercise at 20-25 reps. Then you can also do more than 5 sets, or you can push the rep count to as high as 50 per set, or you can even do both.

1. Oblique Bench Crunch (15 reps on each side)

– First, you need to maintain your thighs in the vertical position with your knees on the bench (or a chair)
– Then lift your shoulders off the ground. Next twist your torso to the right trying to touch your right knee with the right elbow.
– Then repeat on the opposite side.

2. Knee Tuck (15 reps)

– First, lean back on the bench (or on the floor) so that only your butt is touching it.
– And then maintain your balance with your hands and bring your knees toward your chest.

3. Reverse Crunch (15 reps)

– The first step is to lie down on the bench (or on the floor) with your knees bent and toes touching the bench (floor).
– Next, grab the bench with the hands at your head level to support yourself and then you need to keep your shoulders fixed throughout the movement.
– And then bring your knees towards your chest while engaging your entire core muscles and allow your feet to lightly touch the bench on the downward movement.

4. Toes-To-Ceiling Hip Raise (15 reps)

– First, you need to lie flat on the bench. Then hold the bench with your hands for balance.
– Next raise your legs as high as you can while keeping them straight and then your hips should be off the bench and your shoulders fixed.

Source: Team Fitness Training

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