How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness And Help You Lose Weight

Sweet potatoes are a common part of numerous different dishes and desserts, due to their sweet taste, and numerous health benefits. Namely, they are not high in sugar or calories, are not expensive, and can help you lose excess weight and prevent vision issues.

Apparently, the major cause of avoidable blindness is vitamin A deficiency. The WHO (World Health Organization), the lack of vitamin A deficiency may lead to an increased risk of death due to numerous different infections.  Moreover, approximately 250 million young children throughout the world are vitamin A deficient.

Sweet potatoes are extremely high in beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to incorporate them into your meals if you have a growing child.

Sweet potatoes are mostly cultivated in South Africa, so is regarded as the region of these vegetables. Numerous people around the world consume sweet potatoes imported from South Africa.


Biofortification is the process of creating produce that is naturally nutrient-rich. This process is already underway in South Africa, and it has provided the kind of sweet potatoes they like, high in dry content and firm in texture.

Sweet Potatoes and weight loss

Yet, you can still consume a sweet food and lose weight! These amazing vegetables are not high in refined sugars and regulate the sugar level in the blood. Moreover, they contain a compound that raises the level of adiponectin, which is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar levels.

Moreover, their low glycemic index rating can also limit blood sugar spikes. In order to enjoy all their health benefits, you should avoid roasting them, but steam or boil your sweet potatoes. Namely, roasting will lead to nutrient and vitamin loss, like in the case of many other vegetables and fruits.

Furthermore, sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, which provides a feeling of fullness which lasts long. The consumption of a medium-sized sweet potato will provide 4 grams of fiber.

These vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, which will strengthen your immune system, and promote bones and eye health. Apart from this, the consumption of these vegetables will also eliminate acne and other skin issues.

Foods with a low glycemic index, like sweet potatoes, also help in the appetite control, as they remain longer in the digestive system and prevent the feeling of hunger.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to include sweet potatoes in your regular diet plan. However, if you have no idea how to incorporate it in your daily regimen, we will suggest a few tasty recipes:

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

This is a simple, creamy soup and you need a few minutes to prepare it. It is remarkable as a midday meal. Whip up the carrots and potatoes in a food processor and your meal is ready! If you are a vegetarian, it is a great substitute for a chicken broth.

Baked Sweet Potato Latkes

Prepare the delicious sweet potato latkes by grating sweet potatoes and mixing them with eggs, flour, nutmeg, and cinnamon. In this way, you will prepare enough latkes for the entire family.

Sweet Potato Wedges

These extremely delicious potato wedges are much fuller in flavor than standard potatoes but have less fat. You can serve them as a side dish with pork or ham. Note that their preparation should be planned previously, as the total preparation process with the cooking time lasts 45 minutes.

Apple and Sweet Potato Hash Browns

The combination of sweet potatoes and apples is simply amazing. You need to mix the chopped sweet potatoes with chopped apples and prepare your serving of hash browns. As there are numerous ways to prepare sweet potato hash browns, always choose the recipes that do not contain butter or other harmful ingredients.

These extremely healthy vegetables are abundant in beta-carotene and other essential nutrients, so you will enjoy great benefits if you include them in your diet. You can prepare sweet potatoes in numerous ways.

Therefore, start consuming this superfood and enjoy its benefits, including weight loss, blindness prevention, as well as improvement of the health of your bones, eyes and skin.

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