Get Rid Of Parasites Or Bed Bugs From Your Sleeping Mattress Easily

We are all familiar with the fact that we need to sleep at least 8 hours a day in order to have a healthy life. One of the most important factor for a good sleep is the mattress we sleep on.

Various kinds of mattresses ranging from expensive to cheap are advertised daily , but whatever the quality or type , we need to know how to take care of it in order to last longer. We are giving you some advice on how to clean and maintain your mattress!

One excellent trick will thoroughly clean your mattress and at the same time will protect you from dust and getting allergies. The first step is to prepare a mixture for cleaning and disinfection

Only a few ingredients ,which we assume you already have at home, are necessary for the preparation of this mix:

  • A jar
  • several  lavender drops
  • a small  cup of baking soda
  • a vacuum cleaner and a sieve


Put all the ingredients in a jar. Then shake the jar for a minute until you get a homogeneous mass. Spread the mixture you get all over the entire mattress using the sieve.

Leave it for about an hour so that the ingredients can act and remove all impurities and parasites from the mattress. Next, clean the content using the vacuum cleaner.

However this trick  is usually used on newer mattresses to make a disinfection once in a while. If you have a mattress that is older than 7-8 years you should get a new one. It is recommended for the mattresses to have all the hygienic, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial certificates.


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