Flat stomach: 3 very simple exercises to do abs without hurting yourself

For a flat stomach, a toned perineum, and even for those who suffer from occasional back pain, discover three very simple exercises to perform at home without equipment to work your abs.

This session, proposed by Julie Ferrez, fitness and well-being coach, consisting of three exercises, is intended for all future mothers (with medical advice), all women who wish to (re)enter sport gently after a pregnancy, people who want to improve their posture to prevent back pain, those who want a flat stomach and a slimmer waist, and all women looking to tone their perineum.

Hypopressive abs, what is it?

To obtain results, both on the silhouette and on the perineum when trying to build muscle, Julie Ferrez recommends combining sheathing with hypopressive abs exercises.

Also called “stomach vacuum”, this method, which is essentially based on breathing work, consists of performing a kind of “false chest inspiration”.


By working our breathing in this way, we increase our breathing capacity, we effectively relax the stomach, while finding “an inner solidity”, says Julie Ferrez.

As a bonus, we release the tensions, both physical and mental, a real plus to feel lighter in the head and in our body!

“When you become aware of your breathing, you are much more relaxed, and you will gradually regain possession of your stomach,” encourages the coach.

How to achieve hypopressive abs to gently tone your belly?

Here is a classic version, to experiment with hypopressive abs, ideal for beginners:

Get on all fours.

Inhale and relax your belly.

Exhale and pull in your belly. Blow through your nose and pull your belly in as much as possible, squeezing the perineum.

Then inhale your belly (without inhaling!)

Exhale and pull in your belly again… And so on.

Good advice: Julie Ferrez explains to us that the first times we perform this hypopressive abs exercise, our stomach may only move a few centimetres… “It’s normal, she warns, you have to let the time for your muscles to soften, to strengthen”.

Second possible version to achieve hypopressive abs, which may give you different sensations since, this time, you are seated:

Sit on your heels.

Open your knees.

Lower your leggings a little so that they don’t bother you in the stomach area.

In this position, inhale and relax your belly.

Exhale, drawing in your stomach.

Inhale the belly (still without inhaling!).

Hold your breath for 4 or 5 seconds, and feel that it really works in depth.

Inhale and release your belly again.

An exercise to strengthen your abs to do on your back

Lie down on your mat, your head stays on the floor, your feet are flat on the floor.

Your back is in a neutral position (the lower back is neither arched nor flattened).

Take your feet off the mat, and place your hands on your knees, then extend your arms to push your knees back.

Raise your feet so that your shins are approximately in line with your outstretched arms.

Bend your arms to 90° bringing your hands towards your face.

Keeping this position, simultaneously extend your right arm and your left leg on an exhale.

Return while inhaling, then do the same on the other side.

Do about 8 reps.

Good advice: take your time to perform these movements, advises Julie Ferrez. “Go far, depending on your abilities, the strength of your belly and your perineum, but make sure that your belly does not swell, and goes in on exhalation”, specifies the coach.

Sheathing: the plank, to refine your waist and have a flat stomach

Finish this little abs session with sheathing. The plank on the elbows is a good way to strengthen the abdominal strap!

Get on all fours.

Come and rest on your forearms: the shoulders should be above the elbows.

With your stomach tucked in, stretch your legs behind you.

Check that your buttocks are well aligned with your legs and your back: they should neither go up nor down.

Hold the position as long as possible, then release.

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