February 29, 2024

7 effective exercises that will give you a flat stomach in just 30 days

If you want to have a flat stomach and a thin waist, you need to work for more than one day. Kayla It sines knows this like no one else. Have you heard of her yet? She is the author of the Bikini Body Guide program, which helps women all over the world get that perfect “beach” body in 4 weeks.

She is chosen the 8 best exercises for a flat stomach that you can do without leaving your home for just 30 days. Give this program 7 minutes a day, and you will see amazing results within the first week.

7 minutes intense workout for a flat stomach

1. Bent-leg jackknifes, 15 times.

Lie on your back, take dumbbells in your hands. Tense your abs without taking your lower back off the floor. Pull your knees up to your chest while raising your arms, trying to touch your knees with your elbows at the same time.

2. Ab bikes, 15 times.

Press your lower back to the floor, hands behind your head. Knees bent at 45 degrees. Reach out alternately with left elbow to right knee, then right elbow to left knee. The opposite leg should be level.


3. Tuck jumps, 15 times.

From the squat position, go into a jump, bringing your knees up to your elbows. Land on your toes with knees bent and stand up to do one repetition.

4. Cross mountain climbers, 15 times.

Stand in a plank, tense your abs and pull up first your left knee to your right elbow and your right knee to your left elbow. Very quickly switch legs.

5. Plank Jump, 15 times.

Stand in a plank pose. From this position, jump up on your hands, trying to reach your knees to your elbows. Without raising your palms, bounce back, returning to the starting position.

6. Sit-ups with reach, 15 times.

Lie down on your back. Grab your hands behind your head. Lift your body up. Then with your right hand, reach to the left side. Lower yourself, then rise up and reach for the opposite arm.

7. Straight-leg raises with a hips lift, 15 times.

Lying on your back with your legs stretched out and your feet together. Extend your arms out to your sides and rest your palms on the floor. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Then lift your hips up off the ground so that your toes reach for the ceiling.