Health Tips

7 exercises for women over 40 that they should do every week

Women’s bodies go through many changes over the years, so the body you have in your 40s can be drastically different from the one you had in your 20s. When a woman reaches 30, she can lose between 3 and 10% of her body mass. This percentage increases 10 years later. This phenomenon not only affects […]

Tabata workout of 8 exercises and 4 minutes daily to transform your body

Named for the Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, this exercise method recommends a short workout that gets the most out of it. Based on his own scientific research, Tabata found that high-intensity interval training gives excellent results. According to supporters of ” Tabata ” training, an intensive 4-minute workout provides more fitness benefits than an hour on a stationary bike at […]

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