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The 5 most important abdominal exercises for women for a tight abdomen

Women are always striving to have a slim and perfect body, and women’s abdomens are affected by pregnancy, childbirth and other factors, but here we will tell you the best 5 abdominal exercises for women to get the flat and tight abdomen that you have always dreamed of; I continued reading. Abdominal exercises for women […]

5 best exercises to get rid of bra bulge at home without equipment

1- Superwoman Work: Back, shoulders and belly. 1. Lie face down on a mattress and stretch your arms out in front of you.2. Raise your arms, head, chest and legs, but keep your head and neck neutral.3. Rotate your arms to the side and then back, touching your hands at the level of your back.4. Return […]

Flat stomach: 3 very simple exercises to do abs without hurting yourself

For a flat stomach, a toned perineum, and even for those who suffer from occasional back pain, discover three very simple exercises to perform at home without equipment to work your abs. This session, proposed by Julie Ferrez, fitness and well-being coach, consisting of three exercises, is intended for all future mothers (with medical advice), […]

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