Here’s How To Grow Your Own Organic Food – Pallet Gardening is The Answer!

If you’re into growing your own fruits and veggies, you’ll definitely love this article. We’ll show you how wood pallets can help you grow your veggies. All you need is a few food pallets, high-quality soil, and a few seeds. You can build your very own raised bed pallet garden in a few ways. Gardening […]

10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors in Water All Year Long

Growing Herbs Indoors Growing herbs indoors isn’t as difficult as when you’re trying to grow vegetables or fruit indoors. Unless otherwise noted, full plants can be rooted from whole leaves with the base intact or from trimmed stems. You can start with herb plants from your garden, or even perennial herbs from the grocery store. Make […]

Banana Peel Fertilizer + 8 More Banana Peel Uses In The Garden

Compost always amazes me. You take scraps from your kitchen that you’d typically throw away, mix them with microbes and air, and dry scraps from your yard that you’d normally throw away, and BOOM – you’ve made black gold that makes your plants grow like crazy. And this is why I’m also amazed by banana […]

How To Grow A Rosemary Hedge (& 10 Reasons Why You Should)

Plants that are used for hedges have many benefits including creating privacy, delineating an area, and developing structural interest in the garden. Imagine a hedge that not only achieves those goals but is also edible, medicinal, feeds and homes beneficial wildlife, all while being fragrant and gorgeous. A rosemary hedge can achieve all the above […]

These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated By Drinking From Their Little Water Bowls

These days, it turns out we have everything except time, so very often, our plants are usually at the end of the to-do list. However, there is always a solution. If you would like to brighten up your home and stop neglecting your plants, the online retailer Firebox offers a line of practical and cute drinking animal […]

10 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

As spring wears off and summer heat picks up, most gardeners find it rather tiring to work in the garden. That’s why you need to look for flowering plants––both annuals and perennials––that bloom profusely throughout the season without much pampering from you Fortunately, you have a wide selection of summer bloomers to choose from. PETUNIA […]

Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets Of Companion Planting And Popular Planting Combinations

Gardening is an incredibly beneficial activity. It gives us the connection with nature that we miss so much these days, relieves stress, keeps us physically active, and helps us enjoy the amazing taste of homegrown produce. Growing your fruits and vegetables is both, fun and rewarding, and it can be much easier than many think. […]

Stop Buying Garlic At The Store. Here’s How To Grow Garlic Right At Home

The aromatic garlic is the perfect addition to every meal, but it also comes packed with tons of nutrients and a variety of medicinal properties. Garlic is rich in important nutrients, such as flavonoids, oligosaccharides, amino acids, allicin and high levels of sulfur, while raw garlic also contains approximately 0.1 percent essential oil. Some of the main […]

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