7 Day Beginner Workout Plan to Tone Whole Body

If you are quarantined and have nothing to do at home, you might want to think about losing some of the extra weight you’ve put on from winter. Even if you don’t have any extra weight but want to tone your muscles, you can also do the same plan. Beginners especially might need some extra help and boost so they can start working out. These exercises are suitable for anyone.

This article will give you different exercises that will help you change your life and improve your physical appearance.

But before you go into exercising, the start into working out is from the diet. Distinguishing healthy from unhealthy food is something that everyone should do, not just people that exercise. However, it is important for people that exercise to keep a good diet for losing weight and building muscles. So, forget about sweets, sodas, junk food, salt, and alcohol (alcohol contains lots of calories). Instead of them, you can eat lots of fruits, nuts, vegetables, berries, and make sure you drink lots of water.

After adapting to healthy and balanced meals, you will be prepared to begin working out. These 5 exercises will give you something to do during your mornings or at any time of the day in a week. After working out for one week, make sure you take one day rest before continuing for the next seven days. This repetition needs to be done as much as you think will be enough for whatever you want to reach. If you think that your body is fit enough, then stop. If not, continue to exercise until the results are met.

These are the exercises that you will need to do weekly:

  1. Crunches Knee to Elbow

Begin the exercise on the floor with your back laying down on the ground. Your hands need to be placed behind your head and your knees need to be bent. Before getting your upper body up, get your elbows closer to each other (almost parallel) and your shoulders lift from the ground and keep this position for a couple of seconds. Twist your upper body and bring your knee up to the stomach while simultaneously placing your left elbow to the knee. Stay in the position for a couple of seconds before coming back to the original position and alternating movements with the opposite elbow and knee. 10 repetitions of this exercise should be enough.

  1. V-Ups

Begin the exercise by laying on the ground with your back, arms extended behind your head. Bring your feet together with your toes facing up. As soon as you start raising your legs, raise the upper body from the ground with your weight balancing on your glutes. When you get up, move your hands and start reaching your toes. Squeeze your abs and stay in the position for a couple of seconds. Return to starting position to finish a rep.

  1. Flutter Kick

Begin the exercise laying with your back on the ground. Extend your legs as much as you can but keep your knees slightly bent. Lift the heels of your foot 6 inches from the ground and move the leg up and down rapidly. As one of your heels reaches the top, the other needs to be at the bottom. After, bring your legs to the starting position and make 10 repetitions of the exercise.

  1. Plank Knee to Elbow

Begin on the floor with your face turned toward the floor. Support your weight with the palms of your hands (which should be shoulder-width apart) and the toes of your feet (feet need to be hip-width apart). Bring up your left knee to your right elbow and make sure that you keep your back flat and core tight. Stop in this position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting pose. Alternate your leg and repeat 10 times for each side.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Start exercising with your feet on the ground and your knees almost touching each other. Your arms need to be on your sides. After, you will need to jump, and as you’re jumping, simultaneously move your arms above your head and your legs spread almost double the distance of your shoulders. Return to the starting position with a jump, Repeat the exercise as much as you want.

Performing these exercises correctly is an important part of working out. Results will be seen after several weeks of working out. If you start tomorrow, you will reach the results much sooner than starting further on, so start right away! Reach your dream body and bring your self-confidence up.

7 Day Beginner Workout Plan to Tone Whole Body

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