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How to Do Lunges: Complete Guide

If you walk, run, kick, jog, jump, change direction, or frankly move, lunges should be included in your exercise program. This standard lower-body movement ties directly into the movement patterns of locomotion (walking and running) and builds strength and mobility in the quadriceps, hamstrings , gluteals , back, core, and muscles. stabilizers. Push exercises also help develop balance, coordination, […]

Get RIPPED ABS in JUST 5 Min/Day

Let’s strengthen the abs! If you are among those people who dream of losing their belly, then you will need to undertake the abs challenge that today’s article has prepared for you because the fat in the abdominal area is something that is easily gained, but it is very difficult to eliminate. This challenge is […]

INSTANT BOOTY PUMP in JUST 10 MIN! Intense, Floor Only, No Squats, No Equipment, At Home

As we get older we have a harder time getting in shape. There’s nothing weird about it, it’s just biology. However, just because it’s more difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here we are going to give you 10 minutes of exercises for the buttocks for women over50 years old. This simple program has been done by numerous women all over […]

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