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The 30-day abs challenge that can help you lose weight

Shape your body with these simple exercises. To have a handsome body, without extra pounds and belly fat, it takes a lot of discipline: healthy food on the plate and regular exercise. By regular exercise we don’t mean going to the gym every day, but doing physical activity three to four times a week. The challenge is well […]

5 exercises for the “lazy” to lose weight quickly around your waist

To get back in shape, refine your figure or preserve your health, many of us wage a frenzied fight against the small bulges that accumulate around our stomachs. Quite embarrassing on a daily basis, these folds can get in our way when it comes to getting back in shape. But this problem is far from […]

6 exercises that eliminate your abdominal fat faster than anything else

As a general rule, women store fat in the lower body, especially at the hips, buttocks and thighs. It happens, however, that some women take fat in the belly. How does one explain excess abdominal fat in women? What solutions to put in place to remedy this? The storage of fats in the body is […]

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