8 Effective Exercises to Tone Legs and Butt for Women Over 30

Good physical shape is usually linked to slim and toned legs. Because every woman has the predisposition to sculpt their legs and buttocks, the only that should be done is to find the most effective training routine.

We would like to share a workout of the effective moves, which are proven for sculpting beautiful strong legs, buttocks, hips, and calves.

As these exercises are very easy-to-follow and very effective, they can make your butt bigger and your legs slimmer. It lasts only fifteen minutes, so using this workout will save you time.

This should be a sign for every woman to wear sports equipment, to take a bottle of water and start this workout routine.

Here are the instructions on how to perform the exercises:

  1. Chair

Starting position: – Standing tall against a wall with the head and back touching the wall. Feet should be shoulder-width apart and a few inches away from the wall, while arms are positioned to rest at the sides of the body.


–          Bending your knees, lower into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor

–          Hold that position

–          By straightening your knees return to starting position and stand tall again.

  1. Jump Squat

Starting position: – Standing with your feet hip-width apart, keeping the toes pointed straight ahead or only slightly outward. Your arms should be in front of your body and hands behind the head or at the sides of the head.


–          Keeping your weight on the heels, bend your knees while lowering your hips towards the ground

–          Sit down on a chair position, keeping your back straight at all times

–          Pause for a count of one

–          Explosively, driving down through your heels push yourself up of the floor with your quads, extending your arms at the same time, out above you

–          To absorb the impact of the jumping, land with your knees slightly bent

–          Repeat the moves for 1 minute

  1. Side to Side Jump Squats

Starting position: – Standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart


–          Begin by taking a squat stance

–          As you forcefully push off the ground, jump to the right side

–          After checking your form repeat, jumping to the other side

–          Keep alternating between sides for one minute

  1. Clamshells

Starting position: – lie on your left side on a mat or comfortable surface. Your left hand should be behind your head while your right hand across your body.


–          Start by bending your stacked knees, moving your feet behind you

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–          Lift the left knee while keeping the feet together

–          Pause at the top of the movement

–           Lowering your left knee down slowly, come to the starting position.

  1. Bridges

Starting position: – Lying on a back on an exercise mat with your knees bent. Your feet should be flat on the floor, back straight and your hands out to your sides for stability.


–          Raising your glutes off the floor, extend your hips upward and push down through your heels until you form a straight line of your back, hips, and thighs

–          Stay in this position for a count of one

–          Return to the starting position by lowering your hips back to the floor

–          Pause then repeat.

  1. Resistance Band Glute Kickbacks

Starting position: – Position on the ground supporting yourself on your hands and knees. Use a resistance band.


–           Holding the handles of a resistance band in each hand, hook the middle of the band on your left foot

–           Pushing the left foot back, until the slack tightens, brace your core and maintain a flat back, by kicking your left leg back and up

–           Returning your leg to the starting position, slowly, do not allow the knee to touch the ground

–           Repeat the movements for 1 minute then perform it with another leg.

  1. Butt Kicks

Starting position: – Standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart


–          Start by moving your right leg while the knee is bent at 90 degrees

–          Flexing the foot lift your knee until it is at level with the hip.

–          Lowering the knee without touching the floor, repeat the lift for 1 minute

–          Switch the legs once you’ve completed the reps on the right leg.

  1. Adductors

Starting position: – Lying on your left side on top of a yoga mat or other soft surface.


–          Bracing your core while your body is in a straight line, keep your right hand on the ground and your left hand under your head.

–          Slowly lift the right leg into the air, keeping it straight during the exercise

–          Lowering, slowly your right leg, complete one rep.

–          Repeat the moves for one minute

–          Then perform the move with another leg.

8 Effective Exercises to Tone Legs and Butt for Women Over 30

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