7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

Sagging breasts can be very frustrating for women. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on cosmetic surgery to lift them.

These are the top 7 exercises to firm up sagging breasts that will strengthen your upper body and improve your overall health.

Ladies, gravity is our enemy. Gravity ruined our perky, youthful breasts, well, gravity and pregnancy and nursing. Actual sagging is the result of stretching of Cooper’s ligaments , the internal support of the breasts, over time, gravity, weight and pregnancy take their toll and the ligaments stretch and no longer provide support.

Sagging breasts are a problem faced by many women. Not only does it look bad, but it can also affect your self-esteem, as it will make you feel unattractive and insecure about yourself. On the other hand, there are those who think that the only thing a person needs is to have a positive attitude to feel confident and beautiful.

While this is true, there are also methods that can help you get your chest back in shape; one of them is exercises. This article brings you some of the best exercises you can do to firm up sagging breasts.

But first, to stop the fall, wear the right size and type of bra. The larger your breasts, the more important this support will be. Wear a sports bra when you exercise, especially when you run or jog.

1. Swimming

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Swimming is an excellent upper body and chest exercise that is performed with virtually no gravity. Your chest muscles will receive a workout that helps firm your breasts. Swimming will also tone your entire body.

2. Prayer posture
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

Keep your arms outstretched and squeeze your palms together for 30 seconds.
Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and press your palms towards each other in front of your chest in prayer pose for 10 seconds and release.
Do 15 repetitions.

3. Push-ups
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

Start on all fours with your hands on the floor, slightly wider than vertical with your shoulders, but in line with them.
The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles.
Squeeze your abs to the maximum and keep them tight.
Lower your body until your chest almost touches the ground, making sure your elbows are tucked in close to your torso.
Pause and return to the starting position.
Do 20 repetitions.

4. Side plank with rotation
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

First, lie down on your side.
Next, place your left foot on top of your right. The weight of the body will be supported by the right hand and foot.
Try to keep your right arm straight and your palm should be placed firmly on the ground.
Squeeze your thigh muscles and apply your weight to the ground through your heels as your body is placed diagonally on the ground.
Lift your left arm up and then lower it down below your waist as you twist your body.
Return to the starting position.
Perform 5 to 10 repetitions on each side.

5. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

Start by lying on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold them above you with your arms fully extended.
Pull your shoulder blades back and down on the bench as you lower the weights toward your chest.
Get a good chest stretch at the bottom, then press the dumbbells back to the starting position, squeezing your upper pecs and triceps at the top.
Complete 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

6. Arm Curls
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell in both hands. The weight should be a minimum of 1 kg or more depending on your strength.
Hold the dumbbell with your thumb and fingers wrapped in a good grip, with your wrist and arms facing out.
Next, lift both dumbbells hard, bending your elbow toward your shoulders, and feel the pressure in your triceps and the back of your arms.
Then return to the starting position.
Make 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

7. Triceps curls
7 great exercises to firm sagging breasts

For this exercise, also known as triceps dips , all you need is a chair, bench, couch, or step and you’re good to go.
Make sure to keep your butt and lower back close to the chair (or whatever object you’re using) to maximize the benefits of this exercise.
Do 10 reps.


No matter how much you diet and exercise, if you have a large chest, it is likely that it will sag a little over time. The reason is that the muscles of the lower chest (the pectoralis major muscle) do not build as well as the muscle of the upper chest (the pectoralis minor muscle).

The best exercises to lift sagging breasts are done using resistance against your body’s natural movement. This will cause your chest muscles to increase in size and help firm and lift loose skin.

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