There are certain exercises that are extremely important and many times when we work out we are not sure which are the best for us. That is way we made a list of 5 exercises that should be number one priority when exercising.

Follow the guidelines beneath:


Target: biceps

The muscles on the front of the body—the chest, biceps, abs, etc.

Benefits: Strengthen your back, improving your posture and balancing out the body, so they allow you to look much sexier in halter dresses.
For max results use dumbbells and gravity to target the back. During the exercise, keep your hips hinged without letting your shoulders hunch. While you are pulling your elbows back, keep them close to your sides.
To make it more challenging alternate your arms, but still keeping your torso square (without twisting).


Target: The midsection

Benefits: Train your core to resist twisting and flexing.
The back and ab muscles are supporting the lower spine between your pelvis and your rib cage. Having that in mind your goal should be to make muscles as firm as possible. Planks are among the anti-flexion and anti-rotation exercises, excellent for core stability. By doing them you shouldn’t worry about the back strain that some other exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups can cause.

3.Loaded Squats

Targets: build muscles, strengthen your bones and speed up your metabolism.

Boosting of calorie burn is due to the added effort to the glute and leg muscles, which are the largest muscles in the body.
How to do: The simplest way is to use dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in your hands with straight arms by your sides as you squat. You can begin with 10 pounds per hand, and increase the weight, once you can perform 12 reps with ease.

4.Reverse Wood Chops

Target: shoulders, core and your arms

How to do: You are lifting a medicine ball, dumbbell, or cable handle from in front of one hip to above the opposite shoulder. On this way, you’re mimicking the movement of lifting something from the ground to a high shelf. At the same time, you are challenging the muscles in your core, arms, and shoulders.

5.Side Step Ups

Target: Your obliques, side glutes and the inner and outer thighs

Benefits: Trains your bodies sideways and those crucial muscles for stability on your feet. By doing them properly you’ll improve your balance, prevent injury, be more toned, and even run better.
How to do: During performing this move, keep your shoulders square and your step light, especially on the landing.

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