5 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Bra Bulge In 20 Minutes

Sculpt your back and say goodbye to back fat in just 20 minutes! Get amazing results with these best exercises for bra fat.

Our back muscles also require specific exercises to look toned. So are you ready to show off your sexy back? Here are some specific exercises that will help you get rid of bra bulges and show off a toned back! Do these exercises 2-3 times a week, resting as little as possible in between.

Below you will find 5 best exercises for bra fat at home without any equipment.

1- Superwoman

Hiit workout

Work: Back, shoulders and belly.

1. Lie face down on a mattress with your arms out in front of you.
2. Raise your arms, head, chest, and legs, keeping your head and neck neutral.
3. Rotate your arms to the side and then back so that your hands touch at the height of your back.
4. Return to starting position. Perform 20 repetitions.

2- Biceps Kick

Hiit workout

Work: High back, biceps and triceps.

1. Stand with feet apart and knees bent, both lightly holding a weight in each hand and arms hanging with palms facing each other.
2. Bend hips.
3. Simultaneously raise both arms out to sides, shoulder-width apart.
4. Lower to count of three. Perform 12 repetitions.

3- Rowing

Hiit workout

Work: Triceps, biceps and upper back.

1. Position yourself in an elevated push-up position, holding a weight in each hand, with your wrists shoulder-width apart and your feet slightly apart.
2. Bend your right arm, bringing the weight toward your chest.
3. Lower and repeat with your left arm. This is one repetition.
4. Continue alternating sides for 10 reps. We know, it feels like it burns.

4- Powerful push-up

Hiit workout

Work: Abs, upper back and triceps.

1. Assume push-up position with forearms on floor, elbows under shoulders and feet slightly apart.
2. Rotate shoulders back and down while lowering chest to floor and bringing shoulder blades together.
3. Pause, then reverse the motion, bringing your shoulders back into place.
4. Do 15 repetitions. You will feel absolutely amazing.

5- Military dumbbells

Hiit workout

Work: Triceps and upper back.

1. Stand with feet apart and knees relaxed, holding a weight in each hand and arms at shoulder height (outward) with elbows flexed at 90o and palms facing forward.
2. Raise right arm above head.
3. Lower and repeat with left arm. That’s one repetition.
4. Continue alternating sides for 10 reps. You’ll have a great back.

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